Hougang Mama Shop operate on honesty


This “Mama shop” in hougang has no shopkeeper; instead, it relies on the faith that Singaporeans are honest enough to pick what they want, and pay accordingly by dropping the total amount into a coin box. It is the shop owner’s innovative way in combating manpower cost as well as challenges in hiring trustworthy shop assistants.

They even have a step by step instructions on how to make payment, complete with a customer hotline number in 2 languages. Superb and well thought out.



When we arrived at the shop, there was really no one manning the shop. It is just your usual mama shop, with drinks and stuff. They even have background dance music turned on while you do your shopping. We saw many security cameras and also many warnings about the shop being under CCTV surveillance, and several of the Singapore Police Poster boy plastered around the shop.



It is a hot weather, so we decided to get a can of green tea and did the self check out.


And here we drop our $1 coin to the “coin machine”




It takes certain courage to pull off something like that and while we are not sure if this is going to work well, the fact that it went kinda viral is a creative idea that we can applaud the owner for. Huat ah!