8 Secrets Singaporeans share to get fit

    Singapore Fitness Tips

    How many times have you wanted to get fit and stay in shape only to find yourself procrastinating and giving up. Or maybe you got started, went into some sort of training program, did not see the results and give up.

    Have you wondered why is it that some people are able to get such fabulous body and be disciplined about their exercise regime?

    Here are 8 secrets real Singaporeans share.

    1. Overcome weakness yourself

    Let’s face it, everyone starts from somewhere and for some, this means unable to do even 1 single pushup. However, you owe it to yourself to pick yourself up, to motivate yourself so that you can progress from whatever starting point you are from. If you are 100kg, then just drink 1 less coke per day, that is already progress. Then start to walk 1 flight of stairs. You get the drift, overcome it yourself!

    This is the situation Victoria Pang (IG: @veektoriaa) faced at her initial starting point:

    Singapore Fitness Tips

    I was really weak, I couldn’t do a single push-up, I couldn’t do sit-ups properly, I couldn’t even run for more than 5 minutes without giving up


    2. Diet and Training goes together

    In order to properly burn fat and build muscles, your diet have to go hand in hand with training. There is no point if you hit the gym 5 times a week and yet you have been overeating most of the time. If you have just started to do your first push up or just finished walking the first flight of stairs, congratulating yourself with a can of Coke just ruined all the gains. To see visible gains, increase activity and look what at you eat.

    3. Stop wasting time on the treadmill

    Too many people, ladies especially, spend way too much time on the treadmill doing cardio everyday. If you are spending 30 minutes on the treadmill and see no visible results, it is time to switch over to HIIT.

    HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, as the name suggest, means doing exercises in high intensity of time over a shorter period of time.

    Sara (IG: @activelysara) share this tip:

    Fitness tips Singapore 2


    Cardio like HIIT is a lot more effective, and if you combine it with strength training, you will see the results and get abs.

    4. Do the right exercises

    Most beginners concentrate on isolation exercises such as Bicep Curls and Abdominal workout. If you are just really starting out, then isolation exercises are good because you learn how to do each exercises in proper form. Beyond that, you should include compound exercises because that is a quicker way to gain strength and size.

    Jeremy (IG: @jeremylkt) shares this:

    fitness tips singapore 3

    Compound lifts are heavy work and will stimulate the entire body for beginners to gain strength and size fast.

    5. Form is the real metric

    Too many beginners are just counting reps; they think that if they are able to 15 reps as compared to 10 reps last week, they are better off. Then there are those that want to stack so much weights to show you they are the real deal. The metric is not in the number of reps, or how much you can bench press; the real metric is the amount of reps done in proper form. It is only in proper form that you get the full range of motion and contraction, reaping the most benefits from that set of exercise.

    6. Sleep

    While it is important that you provide your body the right type of nutrients for optimal growth, your body also require rest to grow and recover. If you have been dutifully training and eating well and still do not see the results, the culprit could be the lack of sleep. Go get some shut eye, but finish reading this article first.


    7. Eat right

    Overeating while you are on any form of fitness regime is not going to help; so is under eating. In general, if you are looking to build muscles, the should be a caloric surplus. Meaning, the amount of calories that goes into your body should be more than those you expend during exercising.

    Joshua (IG: @tidusjwoo) shares this tip:

    fitness tips Singapore 4

    Weight gain (both muscles and fats) can only occur on a caloric surplus. So it doesn’t matter if you are dutifully training if you are not eating more that your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, because your body does not have enough calories to grow.

    8. Train at least 3 times a week.

    If you want the results, do the work. It is a straight forward formula. And if you wish to have noticeable results, then 3 times per week is bare minimum. No matter where is your starting point, thrice per week give you the needed momentum and discipline to reach your fitness goals. Most people have the will, but cannot overcome procrastination. Most people push themselves relatively hard when they are at the gym, but they cannot find the strength to pack a pair of shoes for gym the night before.